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Created using some of the greatest rap hits of the 1980s

Created using some of the greatest rap hits of the 1980s

Before the MP3 and the IPOD there was the “Boom Box” also referred to as a “Ghetto Blaster.” The advancement of music technology has left the Boom Box looking like a dinosaur compared to the electronics of today. But there is one thing these advancements can’t take away and that is how important the Boom Box was in the popularization of Rap and Hip Hop in the 80’s. To think that in today’s world you plug in and escape into your own world; in the 1980’s it was the complete opposite. Put the cassette in, turn the knob up to 10, throw the Boom Box on your shoulder and head out. That’s how music caught on, that’s how Rap spread across the nation. You could hear a song playing on the other side of a park and run out that night to buy the cassette. It really is very hard to imagine HOW different things were only 20 years ago. But one thing has remained constant – there is no doubting the ground breaking Rap songs of the 1980’s.

To pay tribute to this amazing time in Music history, we have created this Boom Box T-shirt out of some of the greatest Rap hits of the 1980’s.

The songs include:

Rappers Delight
The Breaks
The Message
White Lines
King of Rock
Paul Revere
Rock the bells
The Show
You Be illin'
Walk This Way
Brass Monkey
You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Party
Paid in Full
Push It
Children's Story
Fuck Tha Police
Going Back to Cali
It Takes Two
Joy 'N Pain
Parents Just Don't Understand
Straight Outta Compton
Cars That Go Boom
Bust A Move
Fight The Power
Funky cold medina
Wild Thing
Just A Friend
Me Myself and I
It’s tricky

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