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Subway art created out of the words New York City

- This listing is for the Pillow Cover Only. Pillow inserts can easily be found online or at home or craft stores. Throw Cover Pillow Cover is 100% Cotton and measures 17 inches x 17 inches which is the perfect fit for an 18 inch x 18 inch pillow insert. Pillow cover has a zippered close.

Subway art created out of the words New York City

With 468 stations, 842 miles of track, and 1.6 billion rides in 2010 ?Çô the New York City MTA subway system is one of the worlds oldest and largest. No matter is you are visiting or a resident the subway is a lifesaver.

But the subway has become more than just a mode of transportation; it has become an iconic symbol of New York. From its early days of graffiti, the conductor?ÇÖs voice that you sort of understand, the drunken 3am ride home, and the subway map everyone becomes an immediate expert on ?Çô there no denying the NYC subway system is just as important to New York?ÇÖs culture as the Brooklyn Bridge and The Empire State Building.

The subway design created out of the words New York City celebrates this underrated NYC cultural icon.

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