Women's Tank Top - Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll


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Created using the words and images that define the Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll lifestyle

The rock and roll lifestyle was popularly associated with sex and drugs. Many of rock and roll's early stars were known as hard-drinking, hard-living characters. During the 1960s a decadent lifestyle of many stars became more publicly known, aided by the growth of the underground rock press which documented such excesses, often in exploitative fashion. Along with the Sex and Drugs, musicians had always attracted attention from the opposite sex; groupies were and will always be a big part of the lifestyle.

This same hard lifestyle seems to have gone astray over the years as the lifestyle of most rock stars nowadays falls within the social norm. Although no one would never condone the use of heavy drugs or the over indulgence of alcohol – it was a lot of the “off stage” antics that made some bands legendary. It should be noted that it was a lot of “off stage” antics that took many great musicians from us way before their time.

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