Men's Long Sleeve T-shirt - LYRICS TO THE MARINES HYMN


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Created using The Marines Hymn

Created using The Marines Hymn

The US Marine Corps famous hymn is the oldest official song in the Armed Forces. As soon as one hears the first few notes or the first line of lyric " From the halls of Montezuma - to the shores of Tripoli" it becomes difficult not to feel the proud emotion. The Marines' Hymn is a tribute to warriors and battle history of the Corps. The Marines' hymn verses recite Marines' famous battles, its unwillingness to compromise regardless of location, weather, or other unforeseeable circumstances. In boot camp, the last team work of the day is to sing harmoniously prior to "lights out". This ritual may seem trivial, but it tends to bond the recruits even after tough competitive day. The song has spawned such great inspriation to Marines with lyrics like "First to fight."

We support our Marines and our troops, and can only hope this art inspires.

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