Men's Premium Blend Word Art T-shirt - 86 RECYCLABLE PRODUCTS




Product Details

**Printed on a Premium Blended Mens 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester Tshirt

Created using 86 recyclable items

Created using 86 recyclable items

Being environmentally conscious (otherwise known as “going green”) has jumped in recent years to one of the most cared about and discussed topics. The planet is in trouble and without the proper education and awareness it will only get worse. Every industry from fashion to media has made the decision to support this “green” message. We wanted to do our part by creating this smart and fashionable design. We have taken the universal recycle symbol and brought it to a whole new level by creating it out of 86 completely recyclable items. We put great detail into this design and know you will simply be amazed when you take a closer look.

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