LA Pop Art Full Length Word Art Apron - Tusks




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LA Pop Art Full Length Word Art Apron - Tusks Black

One size fits all - 7.5 Oz Twill fabric, cotton poly 2 pockets - adjustable neck strap

Created using words that describe the Power & Beauty of The Elephant

Oh beloved Elephant - how Big, Powerful, Sweet and Majestic you are! Thankfully the world as a whole stepped up against poachers and saved this unbelievable animal. There is still more work to do - but together we have done a great job. Elephants are an animal that has captivated human beings forever and will continue to do so. There are so many words to describe the elephant and we chose to put them all into one awesome design. Created out of words that are used to describe an elephant and all its beauty, this design will surely impress!

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