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*****Warehouse Blow Out Special*****

*****These are very limited in quantities, once they are sold they will be gone forever*****

Created using popular skating moves
In 20 short years, the skateboarding industry has grown from guys like Ty Page, Bruce Logan, Bobby Piercy, Kevin Reed, and the Z-Boys skating experimental boards in empty swimming pools in Los Angeles to a multi billion dollar industry that includes everything from DVD’s to video games. What makes the skateboarding industry so damn cool is that is was created by skateboarders for skateboarders. As it grew from the Z-Boys to Tony Hawk, boards got better and better which offered riders the ability to do more and more tricks and take a piece of wood with 4 wheels on it to a whole new level. This design is a tribute to all the greats that kept pushing harder and harder to come up with more and more mind blowing moves. This skater is created using some of the most popular boarding moves out there.

- 100% Cotton

-Color: Military Green

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